Our class trip to the jump house


On 31st January we, the class 7b, went the jump house in Heidelberg. First we met at the school in the classroom. At 9 o’clock we started to walk to the train station. When we arrived at the station we looked like snowmen because it snowed very heavily along the way. We were really happy when the train arrived as it was frrrreeeezzzzyyyying outside! The train trip was very short because, while driving, we were talking a lot. From the main station in Heidelberg we had to take the train to the jump house.

At 10 o’clock we arrived there and were all very excited. First we got our jump socks. They have a special surface which prevents you from slipping. With our new socks we were sent to the changing rooms to put them on. A few of us also changed their clothes. Before we started with the warm-up Yannik, a guy from the jump house, told us a few safety rules. He also did the warm up with us. The warm up really heated us up and at the same time the excitement was rising enormously. Finally, he said the magical four words “You can start now” and off we ran. We did not know where to start. There were seven different stations. On the right side were over 30 trampolines and in the right corner there was a balance beam where you could bang out your opponent with a yellow soft stick. Apart from that there was also a basketball hoop with trampolines. Due to the trampolines a dunk was quite easy. The whole class enjoyed the wipe out a lot. There you had to stand on a socket and a stick was going round so you either had to jump up or go down – it was great fun! Dodge ball was another funny station in the jump house. It’s a game very popular in the US and comparable to our well known “Völkerball”. At the station Ninja parkour you really had to prove your strength. The time was measured while you did the parkour. At 12 o’clock individual jump time was over and we did a competition. We formed two teams. Aim of the game was to pass around the ball very quickly but of course jumping was involved. Both team fought very hard but in the end, team white scored two points and won the match.

We really did not want to leave but we couldn’t help it – Jump time was over at 12:30 and we got changed again. Luckily we still had some time until our tram was leaving, so we made use of the great selection at the jump house kiosk.

Very exhausted but enormously happy we walked back to the tram station. At Heidelberg main station we took the train to Ubstadt-Weiher and arrived back home on time. We really enjoyed our first class trip this year and we are really looking forward to our next one!

Written by class 7b

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